What are the top 10 most traded commodities worldwide this year?

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The top 10 most traded commodities worldwide in 2021 (as of September) are:

1. Crude oil: Crude oil is the most traded commodity globally, accounting for a significant percentage of international trade.
2. Gold: Gold is a highly sought after precious metal and widely traded for investment, jewelry, and industrial purposes.
3. Natural gas: Natural gas is a widely used energy source and is heavily traded globally, particularly for heating and electricity generation.
4. Coffee: Coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities worldwide, with significant demand globally.
5. Industrial metals (such as copper and aluminum): Industrial metals are crucial for manufacturing and construction, making them highly traded commodities.
6. Wheat: Wheat is one of the most commonly consumed grains globally, making it a heavily traded commodity for food production.
7. Corn: Corn (also known as maize) is a staple crop used as a primary feedstock for livestock, as well as for various food and industrial applications.
8. Cotton: Cotton is a vital raw material in the textile industry, and its high demand leads to significant global trade.
9. Soybeans: Soybeans are widely traded commodities due to their use in animal feed, vegetable oil production, and various processed food products.
10. Crude Palm Oil: Crude palm oil is a widely used vegetable oil in food production, making it a highly traded commodity.

Please note that commodity rankings may change based on market conditions and global demand.

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