What are the top 10 largest deals in the global pharmaceutical industry this year?

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As an AI language model, I can provide you with information about some of the top deals in the global pharmaceutical industry announced or completed in 2021 so far, based on available data up until September 2021. Note that these rankings can change rapidly as new deals occur. Here are ten notable deals arranged in no particular order:

1. AstraZeneca and Alexion Pharmaceuticals: In December 2020, AstraZeneca acquired Alexion Pharmaceuticals for $39 billion. This large-scale deal strengthens AstraZeneca’s presence within the immunology field.

2. Bristol Myers Squibb and MyoKardia: Announced in October 2020, Bristol Myers Squibb acquired MyoKardia for approximately $13.1 billion. This acquisition enhances Bristol Myers Squibb’s cardiovascular portfolio.

3. Jazz Pharmaceuticals and GW Pharmaceuticals: In February 2021, Jazz Pharmaceuticals acquired GW Pharmaceuticals for approximately $7.2 billion, expanding Jazz’s focus on cannabinoid-based therapies.

4. Eli Lilly and Prevail Therapeutics: In December 2020, Eli Lilly acquired Prevail Therapeutics for approximately $1.04 billion, aiming to strengthen its gene therapy capabilities for neurodegenerative diseases.

5. AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo: Announced in March 2021, AstraZeneca expanded its collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo, investing up to $6 billion, to develop and commercialize Daiichi Sankyo’s DS-1062, a cancer therapy.

6. Novartis and Gilead Sciences: In February 2021, Novartis acquired Gilead Sciences’ novel investigational therapy known as Kite Pharma’s Trop2 antibody-drug conjugate for breast cancer, for $1.5 billion upfront.

7. Merck & Co. and Pandion Therapeutics: In February 2021, Merck & Co. agreed to acquire Pandion Therapeutics for approximately $1.85 billion, aiming to expand its research and development into autoimmune disorders.

8. Illumina and GRAIL: In September 2020, Illumina acquired GRAIL, a healthcare company focused on early cancer detection, for approximately $8 billion.

9. Novartis and Cadent Therapeutics: In October 2020, Novartis acquired Cadent Therapeutics for up to $770 million, aiming to boost its neuroscience pipeline with novel treatments for movement disorders.

10. Sanofi and Kiadis Pharma: In November 2020, Sanofi acquired Kiadis Pharma, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, for approximately $360 million, aiming to strengthen its cell therapy portfolio in oncology.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other significant deals that have taken place this year, which were not included.

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